ICO and 1-day AirDrop

Easily protect all customers against modern attacks and scams.

ICO and 1-day AirDrop

About the CryptoPhoto ICO and 1-day AirDrop / Network-Marketing event

The CryptoPhoto ICO is an equity-backed Security-Token offering distributing CryptoPhoto-Tokens (CPT) which confer owners part-ownership (actual shares) in the existing CryptoPhoto cyber-security business. As a CPT owner:

  • You can earn dividend income from company profits paid to shareholders, and enjoy potential capital-gains on your CPT.
  • You become a real shareholder in CryptoPhoto, a business providing essential ingredients for the future of cyber-security and identity - a $122bn global industry.
  • Your investment helps to protect the cyber-security of yourself, your family and loved ones, your friends, and others: CryptoPhoto is extremely strong and effective.
  • You become a proud founder of a genuinely effective cyber-solution helping rid the world of frauds and scams.

The CryptoPhoto 20%-Discount 1-day-only pre-sale

For 24 hours prior to our main sale, pre-registered users and airdrop participants are eligible to optionally purchase CPT at a 20% discount, up to a maximum of half our ICO goal.

How the CryptoPhoto AirDrop works

An AirDrop is a limited-duration free-token giveaway. They are a form of marketing/publicity, where an ICO chooses to give some money (CPT) to early adopters, instead of spending that money on advertising. We reward you directly for supporting us!

The CryptoPhoto ICO is giving away $110,000 worth of CPT tokens in a 1-day network-marketing (MLM) style campaign. Simply register before our pre-sale to receive some - no purchases are necessary. It works like this:

Everyone registered for the pre-sale gets an equal share of our temporary AirTokens, which (if accepted and activated) convert to $10,240 worth of CPT after our pre-sale.

AirTokens must be "activated" to convert into valuable CPT. To activate, you simply need to introduce 2 or more next-level users who accept them.

If your next-level users wish to receive their share of an additional $10,240 in CPT, they simply need to introduce 2 more more next-level users of their own. We also pay another additional share of $5,120 worth of CPT to you when they activate.

And so on for 6 levels in total (we always pay 50% trailing commission to all levels above).

How AirTokens can earn you commissions from introduced sales

If anyone you introduce decides to purchase CPT tokens in our pre-sale (which offers 20% CPT discounts to them), we will credit you with 10% CPT - the average ICO pre-sale is $655, so your average commission for direct introduced sales will be $65 worth of CPT. You also earn commission from deeper levels (half each time; i.e. 10% for level 1, 5% for level 2, 2.5% for level 3, etc).

If all our tokens are sold in our pre-sale through AirDrop introductions, our total commissions payable to all will be approximately $1,300,000. You can earn your share with no purchase necessary - the size of your commission depends only on the size and engagement of your network!

$USD worth of CPT allocated to activated AirTokens at each level for…
Redeeming AirTokens Paying commissions to higher levels
Level-1 (pre-registration users) $10,240 $5,120 $2,560 $1,280 $640 $320
Level-2 (users introduced by level 1) $10,240 $5,120 $2,560 $1,280 $640
Level-3 (users introduced by level 2) $10,240 $5,120 $2,560 $1,280
Level-4 (users introduced by level 3) $10,240 $5,120 $2,560
Level-5 (users introduced by level 4) $10,240 $5,120
Level-6 (users introduced by level 5) $10,240
Level-7 (users introduced by level 6) $7,280
Total Air-Drop value $USD $110,000

Example: If you're a well-connected and active Level-1, and manage to account for half of our activity, and we reach our target in our pre-sale, you would receive approximately $5000 worth of CPT AirTokens, and upto $500,000 in CPT sales commissions.

Note: our exchange has several AirToken tools, which allow you to easily introduce friends.

Warning: do not create multiple accounts - if you receive more than one allocation of AirTokens to yourself, you forfeit all tokens and all commissions. We're a sophisticated cyber-security business with world-leading antifraud technology: we will know if you try that, and not even TOR will hide you.

How to Pre-Register

Open an account on CryptInc - our exchange platform - it will be credited with AirTokens the instant our sale begins, we will send you a reminder, and you then have 24 hours to introduce friends and potentially earn commissions on CPT pre-sale purchases.